Premium Wholesale Hay

Our hay is locally grown in Iowa’s fertile plains. We employ careful quality control measures throughout the growing and harvesting process, which helps us give our clients a premium product every time. Our hay provides your beef cattle, dairy cattle, and other livestock with the necessary nutrients.

Our hay is a blend of alfalfa and ryegrass. Alfalfa hay and ryegrass have exceptional nutritional profiles. Their high protein content aids in cattle’s milk production and muscle development.

Reliable Iowa Hay Supplier

Riverview Farms believes in farming wisely. We steward our land, install drainage tile and terracing systems to control erosion, and manage our crops with precision and care. From seed to feed, our hay is locally grown. Our hay is grown by Iowan farmers in Iowan sunshine through Iowan hard work and values. There’s nowhere better than Iowa.

We sell hay by the ton using a certified truck scale instead of a by-the-bale approach. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and never worry about being charged per bale and wondering if all bales are really the same size. We use a reliable accounting system to make sure you’re billed accurately and in a timely manner.

Our baler is a net wrap baler equipped with a preservative applicator. Anything over 14% gets preservative. Baleage is wrapped tightly in thick layers of bale wrap to seal oxygen out. This keeps our bales fresh, and ensures the hay is consumed efficiently.

We test our hay and use a certified forage testing lab to get accurate information about what we’re growing. You don’t have to just take our word for it—we organize our hay production in the field using zones, so potential problems regarding weeds, fertility, or soil conditions are addressed quickly and completely.

We work hard to manage weeds and keep our hay fields clean so you know you’re getting high quality hay, and not just another farmer’s weed infestation. We separate off any bales that are of subpar quality before we wrap. We want a bale that looks good, feeds well, and reflects a high standard of quality when you cut it open.

We understand how high-quality feed directly contributes to your operation’s success. Riverview Farms is a reliable supplier of premium hay. Choosing us as your wholesale hay supplier leaves you feeling confident with every transaction.

About Riverview Farms

Farming has always been part of my life. I grew up on a farm, and hoped to farm on my own someday. After I graduated from college in 2003, I moved to the Des Moines area to work full-time for Principal Financial Group. With some help from family, I bought my first farm in 2004, farming only 50 acres—primarily corn and soybeans. I was able to borrow equipment from my family.

I built my fleet of machinery over time and extended the acreage of my farm. In 2018, after over fifteen years working professionally for insurance and agricultural seed corporations, I left the corporate world to farm full-time.

Riverview Farms has come a long way since then. My background in agricultural manufacturing and precision farming technology allowed me to implement the precision farming tools we use today. This has helped us grow extensively. My employees and I work as a team to maintain our land for future generations, hoping to leave a legacy they can continue. Our alfalfa rotation is the next big step towards achieving this goal. We love the benefits it adds through more organic matter in our soil, all while creating a product that our customers use to bring their livestock farms success. We look forward to building a solid reputation and establishing trustworthy, long-term relationships with our customers.