Quality Alfalfa Bales for Livestock Nutrition

Maximize your livestock’s health and farm’s productivity with a reliable source of premium feed. 

2024 is here!

Spring is here, and we're watching things grow. Our alfalfa and ryegrass was fertilized last Fall, right before winter, so it's waking up with the right balance of nutrients to grow a healthy crop. We've had some timely rains, and will have more acres seeded down this Spring on top of what was available last year.
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High-Quality Iowa Hay

High-quality hay provides the balanced ratio of protein, vitamins, and minerals required to keep cattle strong and healthy. Feeding your livestock, dairy cows, and beef cattle a nutritious diet ensures proper development and weight maintenance. We are a premium supplier of bulk alfalfa and ryegrass hay. Our hay contributes to the long-term sustainability of your farm and lets your cattle reach their full potential.
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Bulk Hay in Iowa

Experience the difference that premium hay makes in your dairy and beef operations. We support your farm’s success by providing superior and reliable nutrition.

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